Meet The Fairies

Athena, The Inventor holding a large pencil

Athena, The Inventor

Athena is our wise guider.

Her super power is her extreme focus. She helps you find the courage to do the things you want to do but think you might not be able to do; creating tools that help you solve difficult problems.

Chloë, The Beacon Light

Chloë is our vibrant green shoot of encouragement and light. She is radiant, hilariously funny and full of aspirations. She is our little beacon of optimism and positivity. Where ever she goes she attracts people; they are drawn to her natural sense of curiosity and joy.

She helps you develop a new sense of awareness about yourself, building an ability to embrace difficult situation and think about who you are really are.

Her super power is a healing sense of joy that beams through hearts and warms souls. She helps you deal with difficult situations and is an incredible distraction when you need it the most.

Ophelia the fairy looking at moon and stars


We love our Ophelia who is fun, playful and LOUD!.  She has a keen sense of adventure and always people her to help them along their intrepid journey.

Ophelia always checks in to ensure everyone is okay. She is kind, caring and shows friends how to escape trouble… although she is sometimes the one leading people towards calamity.

Her super power is empathy; she reads people’s body language interpreting their problems to help the healing process.  

Rebel the loveable rogue


The loveable rogue who pushes ALL the boundaries.  They challenge the status quo BUT always bounce back from adversity.  

They are daring and adventurous.  We love them, but crikey they provocatively punches a few buttons. Their super power dynamism. 

They have a revolutionary approach to almost everything and always chooses the most surprising way to tackle a problem.

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